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We've been in the building supplies industry for more than a century.

Newfane Lumber Company was founded on April 15, 1887. Since then, we've survived fire, flood, and more Western New York winters than we care to remember. We've seen many changes over the years, but one thing has remained the same: our dedication to amazing customer service and competitive pricing.

When we first started, we were called the Newfane Basket Company. We opened our doors on McKee Street in Newfane, NY. As time passed, our business started to shift to lumber and millwork. When it became clear that we were no longer in the basket business, we changed our name to Newfane Lumber & Manufacturing Company. In 1912, the McKee Street location was completely destroyed in a fire, so we moved to First Street in Newfane, NY.

Old Store Photo, Building Supplies in Lockport NY
1920s Amherst NY Lumber Yard
Newfane Lumber Yard Workforce, Lockport NY

At our new location, we expanded into a number of different facets of the lumber and manufacturing businesses. We made a name for ourselves in log sawing and spray rig manufacturing, and we created windows and more on a wholesale basis. Some of our customers included Whitmer-Jackson and Iroquois Sash and Door. We also built fruit graders and shipped them all over the United States as well as internationally. By the 1920s, however, it became clear that these operations weren't as economically viable as they used to be, so we discontinued them and moved on to the next thing.

In 1940, we moved again. The International Railroad had discontinued its service to Newfane in 1939, and because we were already doing a great deal of business in Lockport, we decided to move our operations there. We opened up our lumber yard on Ohio Street in the spring. That became our main office, and our Newfane lumber yard was sold. We haven’t moved since.

We opened our lumber yard and haven’t moved since.

Since 1940, we’ve concentrated our business in Lockport, NY doing everything we can to help this great community grow and thrive through the years. We’ve kept going through the good times and the bad, including a 1975 fire that destroyed many of our buildings. The buildings you see today were finished in 1978.

From roofing materials to building supplies, we hope to be a cornerstone of the Lockport construction community for a long time to come, and we hope your business will help make that happen. 

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